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Which webhosts provides fast hosting at a reasonable price?

If you want a comprehensive unbiased opinion try https://www.webwhim.co.uk/how-to-select-a-wordpress-hosting-provider/

Its going to be a lot more comprehensive than my guide. Consider my guide to be a quick and dirty way to evaluate a host whereas the Web Whim one is the deluxe version.


I would just host with hostxnow.


Ridiculous pricing

I don’t know how they do it. Its not only the fastest host I have found, its also the cheapest. Prices on the right are correct as of 02/04/2023. For UK, there is no VAT. For EU, there is. Presumably for the rest of the world there is no VAT.

If you take the 3 year price. it works out at less than 50p a week for enterprise webhosting. Its 44p but its even better as for the first year, you get a domain worth £8 too.

Support is excellent. The guys that run it seem to never sleep.

Best performance

I have run some benchmarks and their servers are the fastest I have found. The good thing is that if you use the litespeed cache, the server isn’t really affected if you have a brochure site. The cache handles it all. So you can have a fast site still.

With hostxnow, the sites get that little bit more. For example, it might get 95 PSI for mobile at Krystal or here but with Hostxnow, its 97. Obviously, it depends where the bottle neck is but it won’t be server speed if you host with hostxnow.

Shared Web Hosting


Affordable hosting plans with zero compromise on speed and uptime comparable to our premium Semi-Dedicated plans. Hosted on state-of-the-art environment-friendly infrastructure.

First Month Only £1
Renewal  (with discount %)::

1 month @ £2.95 (0%)
1 year @ £30.09 (15%)
2 years @ £53.10 (25%)
3 years @ £69.03 (35%)

✅ cPanel

✅ Ultra Fast Optimised WordPress Hosting

✅  Bandwidth @ 3Gbit/s Network Speed

✅ Free SSLs (Sectigo or Let’s Encrypt)

✅ Latest Intel AMD Servers

✅ Super Fast NVMe SSD Storage

✅ LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache

✅ 1-Click App Installer (Softaculous)

✅ WordPress Toolkit Deluxe (Full Version)

✅ Free Backups

✅ Free cPanel Account & WordPress Website Migrations

Hosting Heroes

This is where this site is hosted. They have litespeed and good customer service. I have been with these since the Trustahost days, then ezpzhosting and now the hosting heroes. I am on some very cheap legacy plan. If you have a regular site, it is great too. Their site is here

Krystal Hosting

Similar to the Hosting Heroes. They have litespeed and good customer service. I have been with them since the Macoman days back in 2005. Unfortunately, due to having less domains to host, I have cancelled but I wouldn’t put any one off going with them. They have an annual party which is a good laugh. Krystal website.

Other Hosting

I am trying out mechanicweb which got a good mention. Apparently, the joint fastest UK servers with hostxnow. Other people I considered were

Brixly – very good value reseller hosting. I probably will open an account if I get more clients. Their reseller plans are very generous with the higher plan offering unlimited space.

20i – they are reseller specialists but have a custom panel. I don’t think they have litespeed either so the website will be slow.

I looked at Cloudways, but as they had no litespeed, hosting websites is slow. I agree with Web Whim that its mainly affiliates that are driving the recommendations.

Runcloud was another option I looked at with Hetzner cloud. That was decent with openlitespeed but why would I both managing my own cloud server when shared hosting is roughly the same for most small brochure websites?

I think for most people with a single site or two, Hostxnow is the best. I have a reseller account with them and their pricing is such that, its probably better for me to set up these £2 a month (3 year plan) 15gb accounts for people.

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